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Here's a generous preview of computer bus and related technologies that you can find in bus-net:

VMEbus, CompactPCI, PCI, ISA, PC/AT, PC, VME64, Futurebus+, STD Bus, Mezzanine Bus, Multibus, Multibus II, EISA, SCSI, NuBus, Micro Channel, VXIbus, PC/104, Real Time, Real-Time, RealTime, Backplanes, Industrial Computers, Factory Automation, MIL-SPEC, Military, MIL-STD-1553, VME, VXI, Computer Bus, Ruggedized, SBC, Single Board Computer, Embedded PC, Industrial Control, VME320, GPIB, Embedded Computers, PMC, IP, IndustryPack, and Mezzanine Buses.

Product Categories covered:

Analog I/O. App-Specific Processors and Coprocessors. Audio / Voice / Telephony. Backplanes. Bridges and Bus-to-Bus Links. Desktop Enclosures. Desktop Power Supplies. Digital I/O. DSP Digital Signal Processing. Enclosures. Extenders and Form-Factor Adapters. G-64 / G-96. GIO Bus. Graphics/Video. I/O Bus Interfaces (GPIB, MIL-1553, etc.). IDE, ESDI, and Other Storage Controllers. Imaging. Industrial Backplanes. Industrial Enclosures. Industrial Power Supplies. IndustryPack. Main Boards / Motherboards. Mass Storage Modules. Memory Boards. Mezzanine Baseboards / Carriers. MIX. M-Modules. Motion Controllers. Network Adapters. Packaging Accessories. PCMCIA. PMC. Power Supplies. Processor Boards. Proprietary. Q-bus. Ruggedized / Military Enclosures. Ruggedized / Military Spec Boards. SBus. SCSI Controllers. Serial / Parallel Control I/O. Serial / Parallel I/O. Single Board Computers SBC. Single Board Computers (for passive backplane) SBC. Single-Card and Embedded Systems. SmallPMC. Solid-State Disk Emulators. System Testing, Prototyping, and Analyzers. Telecommunications. Telemetry. TURBOchannel.

Key Areas of interest for Bus and Board-level information:

PCI, VME64, VMEbus, CompactPCI, ISA, Futurebus+, PC, STD Bus, Mezzanine Bus, SCSI, NuBus, Multibus II, EISA, Multibus, Ruggedized, Micro Channel, VXIbus, VXI, PC/104, Embedded Computers, Real-Time, RealTime, Backplanes, Real Time, Industrial Computers, MIL-SPEC, Factory Automation, VME, MIL-STD-1553, Military, Computer Bus, Embedded, SBC, Single Board Computer, Embedded PC, Industrial Control, PMC, SmallPMC, IndustryPack, VME320, MIX, GPIB, M-Modules, and IP modules.


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